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Does Laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal is often described as the feeling you get with the flick of an elastic band. Our diode laser has pinpoint accuracy and the more sessions you have, the less discomfort you feel as there's less hair follicles to target.

Is laser hair removal suitable for all skin types?

As long as your hairs are dark enough with pigment to attract the laser, we can treat over 96% of skin types with the diode laser we use. Your therapist will consult with you beforehand to advise accordingly.

How long does hair removal treatment last?

Results are dependent on hair type and colour. As an industry standard, around 90% permanent hair removal can be achieved.

Can laser hair removal treatment be for men?

At Advance Laser Aesthetics, we have a dedicated service to offer laser hair removal to men. Having spent time researching both aesthetic and medical reasons for why men would require this treatment, we have now removed the traditional stigma and obstacles ordinarily psychologically prohibitive for men seeking treatment. With a dedicated team of male and female therapists operating in an exclusive clinic environment, we feel we have created the perfect place for men seeking to have unwanted body hair removed.

Am I a suitable candidate for laser hair removal treatment?

Your therapist will advise accordingly. Our laser treats over 96% of skin types so usually the only further consideration is whether there is enough melanin in the hair for the laser to target. We will not let any client undertake unnecessary treatment and our therapists are both consultative and knowledgeable with client focus of paramount importance.

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