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How to install Clip&Go ?

Once the battery is installed in the device, download the app Clip&Go on your smartphone on the Apple Store or Play Store.

The Smartphone will connect automatically to the device when placed nearby.

You can register yourself (name, email, phone number) or just ignore it.

You can change language, sound, vibration and other options in the settings.

When will I get an alert on my smartphone?

As soon as the connection is lost between your smartphone and your Clip&Go (within a range of 20 meters more or less depending on your environment) you will get an alert on your screen.

Where can I see the last location of my Clip&Go?

The last location can be seen by touching the middle button in the bottom taskbar. A red icon will appear on the map showing its last position.

What is the battery autonomy of my Clip&Go? Is it waterproof?

About 3 months. You can check your battery level through the app in one of the functionalities in the taskbar.

The Tracker is only water resistant.

How to activate the quiet mode on the App?

The “quiet” button allows to unable the sound, vibration and notification but still gives the location of the Clip&Go.

Impossible to connect? Why do I not get any notification on my smartphone when the connection is lost with my Clip&Go?

  1. Make sure your phone is turned on as well as your bluetooth.
  2. Make sure your smartphone is connected to your Clip&Go.
  3. Check if your location service is enabled. If so, make sure you have authorised Clip&Go application to use your localisation service. Beware, your localisation service can be automatically turned off when your smartphone has a low battery.
  4. Make sure you have enabled the Clip&Go lock screen notification in your phone settings.
  5. Check your Clip&Go battery.
  6. Close the Clip&Go application and relaunch it.
  7. If the problem goes on, uninstall the Clip&Go application and reinstall it.
  8. Restart your smartphone.

PREMIUM version coming soon

Another Clip&Go’s feature will allow you a live tracking of your object.

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